Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Self portrait @ the H Hotel

Photos from the TWP @ the Hippodrome Hotel

This is a series of photos I took from my intervention of the suite of the hotel all are reflections from the mirrors or the plastic of the frames or the place. 

Monday, 26 January 2009

The Wish Project @ The 3rd floor suite 303 of the Hippodrome Hotel

In this hotel boutique of Mexico City I did an installation with paintings, photos and a shirt-fashion. The Wis Project by G.I. is a work in progress I have develop for the past 5 years, and it aims to promote in today´s society the act of wishing.   I started sending card with three wishes for the person who receive it, then creating abstract paintings with the ashes from the white papers where they write the wishes and then burn them. And this time I present a series of photos of commercial flight where I put post its with the the word wish, also in public phones. The paintings have secret wishes under it.  And the shirt was created by me and the designers of the Mexican brand Malafacha. And this time I decided to leave the gallery and to show in a hotel suite and the weird thing is that every floor of the Hippodrome Hotel has a name and the one I got is call WISH...

A bed of wishes

On a king size bed at the suite I placed 40 photos of different public phones of 40 different cities, each one with a post it that put on with the word wish in the local idiom. From Bangkok, to  Paro -Bhutan- to New York City, Tokyo, Paris and Mexico City...

The Wish Project @ The suite 303 of the Hippodrome Hotel

At the opening of the show at the suite and while it last, everybody who attended was ask to write a wish for an stranger and not to signed it. So there were dozens of wishes on the wooden wall on yellow post- its. The idea of participating the audience in any art show is important in my work.

Three wishes for the Gaza Strip

This is a painting that contains three wishes for the Gaza Strip, to both parts. One for the politicians, one for the soldiers and one for the civilians that have died. This was on the living room of the suite of the Hippodrome Hotel. 

TWP @ The Hippodrome Hotel

Also I showed this piece that is a collaboration with the Mexican fashion brand Malafacha. And it was displayed in the toilet of the suite. It is a unique piece and is cotton with lykra. 

Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Wish Project of G.I. @ Glow magazine

This is an article about my art work that is focus in promoting the act of wishing.  Glow is a Mexican independent magazine that focuses on contemporary motivations, such as art and fashion.